Fabiana Carvalho, PhD (Brazil)

Founder of The Coffee Sensorium Project.
A researcher at the University of Campinas.
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Fabiana Carvalho, PhD (Brazil) Fabiana Carvalho, PhD (Brazil)

Neuroscientist, MSc in Biochemistry and PhD in Psychobiology (studying neural processes of perception and memory). She is currently at the University of Campinas, Brazil.

Her research project “The Coffee Sensorium” is focused on understanding multisensory flavor perception. She is interested in the influence of extrinsic factors (that is, ambiance factors) on the expectation and perception of flavor in specialty coffee. This research project has several collaborators such as the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) and Prof Charles Spence at University of Oxford, UK.

Fabiana is also known for collaborations with Tim Wendelboe (Norway). The study was focused on how cup shape changes customer’s perception of a drink. Some research and data collection was carried out on the platform of Russian Roaster’s Village in 2018 and 2019.